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At Asimina Nails and Beauty Filliar is highly trained and only uses superior waxes and products and will educate you on all aspects of pre-waxing and aftercare. You can see from our lovely list below that when it comes to waxing, we know no boundaries.

If you haven’t been waxed before, Filliar suggests you start with a simple eye brow wax and move up from there. With her gentle touch you’ll be back for more. For maximum beauty, Filliar recommend 4 to 6 weeks between visits.

Waxing top tips

  • Between appointments, exfoliate your skin with the Ultimate Exfoliating Massage Mitt.
  • At night in bed wear cotton or NO underwear to let your skin ‘breathe’.
  • Pre-book your waxing to ensure correct hair-growth time between appointments.
  • Don’t apply deodorant until 24 hrs after waxing.
  • Don’t swim in chlorine or salt water for 24 hrs after waxing as pores are open and susceptible to infection.
  • Don’t shave between visits as it distorts hair growth.
  • Don’t pick in-grown hairs as scarring or infection could occur.
  • Avoid waxing 2 days before and after menstruation as the body is more sensitive to pain.
  • Avoid solariums for 24 hrs after waxing as the body is more prone to burning.


  • Do enjoy your new wax!
  • Moisturise your skin daily with After Care Lotion as the hair follicles are open and susceptible to infection.
  • Exfoliate your skin one week after being waxed using the Ultimate Exfoliating Massage Mitt.
  • Shower immediately after exercise to clean the follicles of perspiration which caries infection causing bacteria.
  • Wear cotton or no underwear at night to allow the area to breathe.
  • Clean, blemish free skin will maximize the visual appeal of hair free skin. If you suffer from ingrown hair, speak to Filliar for professional ingrown hair removal, and use Ingrown Zone cream for guaranteed results.
  • The optimum time between waxing appointments is three to four weeks. This allows the hair to grow to the correct length, but does not allow the hair to become to embedded in the follicle, reducing pain and maximizing the result. Pre-booking will insure the correct time between appointments.
  • Ingrown Zone is strongly recommended for all Bikini and Brazilian waxing clients.


  • Don’t exfoliate your skin until 3 days after being waxed.
  • Don’t apply deodorant until 24 hours after being waxed.
  • Don’t pick at ingrown hairs as it may cause scaring and infection. Have them professionally removed by Filliar.
  • Don’t exercise directly after being waxed.
  • Don’t swim in chlorinated or salt water for 24hrs after being waxed.
  • Don’t shave between waxing appointments. This distorts the hair growth cycle
  • Avoid being waxed two days before and two days after your menstrual cycle as your body can be more sensitive.
  • Avoid solariums and direct sun for 24 hours as the waxed area is more prone to burning.

If someone had told us ten years ago we’d be lining up to stand in the buff while a stranger with a spray gun hit us with faux tan, we’d probably have shook our heads and laughed. Now? It’s such common practice, we schedule spray tans into our weekly beauty routines for an all-year glow.

Here are our top tips for getting a spray tan:

  • Plan ahead. Which day do you want to look most gorgeous? Book your spray tan for the day or two before this.
  • Always make sure your skin is exfoliated. If you haven’t exfoliated your body for a while, do it every couple of days in the lead up to your spray tan. Concentrate on areas such as knees, feet, elbows and ankles.
  • If possible, have a shower before your spray tan appointment — you need to remove moisturiser, deodorant and, sweat.
  • Timing can be tricky: if you have your spray tan in the morning, you risk smelling like fake tan for the two hours (while you also go deodorant free). Afternoon tan? Well, you might not have time to leave the office and have a shower first. Our tip: Make an afternoon appointment, and if there’s no time for a shower, wipe yourself over with a cleansing wipe first.
  • Wear lose, dark clothing to your appointment — even go sans bra if you can. Don’t wear anything you’d want to risk fake tan ending up on, although Napi san gets the tan right out. Remember to take thongs — slipping strappy heels straight back on will only cause patchiness on your feet.
  • Don’t be shy. Spray tanners have seen it all; from drag queens to grandmas in the nude. The less you wear, the better the results. If you feel more comfortable wearing your underwear, go ahead. Otherwise take advantage of the disposable g-strings Asimina Nails and Beauty provides.
  • Keep it quiet. There’s no point forking out $$$ if you’re going to head straight to the gym or out on the town within an hour of your tan. You’ll just sweat and your colour will either come off or become patchy.
  • Wait two hours before washing, and remember: it’s normal for some colour to come off when you first shower, its just the bronzer coming off. Keep your water temperature at cool to warm and don’t scrub your skin. Instead, gently wash your body (without a loofah) and when drying, pat your skin rather than rub it.
  • Keep your body moisturised over the next seven days. You can’t stop the natural cycle of shedding skin cells, but you can keep your skin hydrated so that patchiness is reduced as your tan fades.
  • Naked Tan is the worlds first 2hr wash ‘n’ wear spray tanning solution. Naked Tan is a botanical based Spray Tanning Solution for all Beauty Salons. Naked Tan is made from natural ingredients to produce the most natural spray on tan possible in just 2hrs. Naked Tan 2 hour Spray Tanning Solution are complimented by professional Spray Tanning Equipment and a range of organic body care products that combine the purest organic plant extracts and ingredients to deliver premium body care for your clients. Naked Tan is voted the best Spray Tanning Solution by a majority of salons. Our organic Spray Tanning Solution products won’t leave your skin orange in colour, nor will it leave you smelling terrible its simply the finest smelling solution on the market. Naked Tan welcomes you to the new revolution of a Spray Tanning Solution that will leave you naturally tanned in just 2hrs, rather than the traditional 8hr. Try our Spray Tanning Solution in your Tanning Salon you will not regret it.

As a small beauty salon, Filliar has always been focused on high quality services while taking into consideration health and safety issues for you as well as for herself. She strives to provide you with a fun and friendly atmosphere where you can relax and become gorgeous. Because she cares, she guarantees that you will be 100% satisfied every time. Filliar’s goal is to build a good, and continuing relationship with her customers for the long term. Filliar’s highly trained professional nail technician, who loves to work with you to bring you the look you want and the relaxation you deserve.

Filliar’s back to basics treatments will relax and pamper your forgotten fingers and tormented toes. We’ll soften, exfoliate, knead and adore your digits, hydrate your hands and render your feet fabulous.

I have been inspired by European cultural influences within the world of Makeup. I have collaborated with fashion designers, stylists, to produce an array of amazing creations.

I do mobile Make Up to your premises from Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast all over Queensland although travel fee is required.


Having always had a passion for make up, I put my skills as a qualified Make up Artist to good use and I specialise in using good quality products that give excellent results. As a professional trained makeup artist by Napoleon Perdis, my specialities are bridal, catwalk and photographic makeup.

I understand that make up is a reflection of the person wearing it, I pride myself on helping you achieve your dreams on your photo shoot or special day while providing professional advice to make you look your best. My calm, warm and approachable attitude all help to ensure that your dreams become your reality.

Only quality products such as Napoleon Perdis and MAC are used to ensure a perfect camera finish result is achieved!

Get a group together and save yourselves money on your spray tans!

Group of 3 – $24ea
Group of 4 – $23ea
Group of 5 – $22ea
Group of 6 – $21ea
Group of 7 – $20ea